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Who Installs Radiant Heating in Kamas & Park City, UT?

Ideal Heating & Cooling also does repairs

If you're looking for an energy-efficient way to stay warm in your home, contact us for radiant heating in the Park City, and Kamas, UT areas. Ideal Heating & Cooling, Inc will discuss radiant heating systems to keep your home warm and your driveway free of ice.

Hydronic radiant heating systems use hot water running through pipes under the driveway or floor to generate heat. It's a great way to keep snow and ice from forming on your driveway. Using a radiant heating system in your home eliminates heat loss that's typical with a ducted system.

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3 reasons to install radiant cooling in your home or office

Radiant cooling uses the same network of pipes that circulate warm water during the winter. Cooled surfaces will absorb heat with minimal energy. Radiant cooling systems offer an array of benefits, including:

  1. Greater design flexibility
  2. Reduced operating and maintenance costs
  3. More efficient operating modes

A system embedded in the floor eliminates the space required for ducts and air handlers in your walls and ceilings. Contact Ideal Heating & Cooling today to discuss radiant heating and cooling solutions in Park City, and Kamas, UT.